Recourse Factoring

Recourse factoring is a financial instrument that allows a company to transfer a receivable to a factor, but does not guarantee protection if the debtor becomes insolvent.<


The transfer of recourse receivables is the financial instrument through which the company transfers a receivable to IFIS Finance, but without gaining protection against the insolvency risk of its customers. In fact, IFIS Finance will manage the collection and administration of the receivables. The business can thus receive an advance against the transferred receivables, turning them into immediately available funds.
IFIS Finance’s experience in this area means we can optimise the client-debtor relationship through an in-depth debtor assessment. The relationship between the client, the debtor and IFIS Finance becomes synergistic.


The recourse Factoring service is aimed at businesses that issue invoices to other Polish structured companies or to the Public Administration, and that need to liquidate their trade receivables.


  • Receive immediate access to capital and liquidate trade receivables;
  • Improve the regularity and speed of cash inflows;
  • Optimise payment flows and payment of immediate obligations;
  • Improve competitiveness in your reference market.


The cost of the service is mainly made up of two components:

  • A percentage of any advanced payment of receivables requested by the client;
  • A management fee for the service operations carried out by IFIS Finance


  • Client portfolio with list of proposed names for factoring and relevant amounts;
  • Supply contracts, tender notices, orders;
  • Last two annual financial statements and provisional report for the year;
  • Articles of incorporation and association;
  • Documentation showing full tax compliance (if available);
  • List of bank credit lines.

If you are interested in activating the Recourse Factoring financial service, please contact us immediately and we can tell you whether your business is eligible for financing.

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