Non recourse final purchase factoring

Using this product, IFIS Finance offers businesses the definitive purchase of receivables.

For clients that apply the financial reporting standards IAS/IFRS or US GAAP and wish to maintain predetermined receivables turnover standards, liquidity ratios or ratios of working capital as a proportion of total assets, the assigned receivables can be entirely written off from financial statements. Through a definitive purchase, a business can transfer all of its credit risk and late-payment risk to IFIS Finance.

cliente debitore


Medium and large-sized companies that supply other businesses or the public administration.


  • All the benefits of non-recourse factoring.
  • Liquidity
  • Eliminate receivables from financial statements through definitive purchase (IAS).


The cost of the service usually comprises an all-inclusive purchase fee that takes three elements into account:

  • the rate applied to the amount of receivables sold for their entire expected duration;
  • a management fee for the servicing carried out by IFIS Finance;
  • a non-recourse fee for the Factor’s assumption of the risk of non-payment.


  • Portfolio with list of proposed names for recourse factoring and relevant amounts.
  • Supply contracts, tender notices, orders.
  • Last two annual financial statements and provisional report for the year.
  • Articles of incorporation and association.
  • Documentation showing full tax compliance.
  • List of bank credit lines.

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