Export Factoring

Export factoring is the financial instrument that allows a business to transfer a receivable due from a foreign company to IFIS Finance


Export Factoring is the ideal solution for you if your company exports abroad and wants to protect itself against the risk of non-payment from customers.
Through Export Factoring, IFIS Finance manages your receivables and ensures payments are collected. Through the non-recourse factoring service, IFIS Finance will also cover the insolvency risk of foreign customers. With the factoring of receivables, IFIS Finance can also advance the amount by making it available immediately.
Through Export Factoring, the exporting company transfers the receivable to IFIS Finance, which will take care of its collection, in two possible ways:


• Non-recourse

The exporting company transfers the receivable due from the foreign customer to IFIS Finance, which provides for any advance payments, assuming the risk of insolvency and managing the collection of receivables.


• Recourse

The exporting company transfers the foreign receivable to IFIS Finance, which manages the collection but does not assume the risk of insolvency of the foreign customer and makes any advance payments before the maturity date.


Through export factoring IFIS Finance can:

  • Offer an advance on trade receivables due from foreign customers;
  • Assign the management of receivables to your export company;
  • Assess the financial soundness of your current and potential foreign customers;
  • Protect your export company against the risk of foreign customers becoming insolvent (in non-recourse arrangements).


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