Advance on future receivables

A type of factoring that allows you to obtain financing through an advance on future receivables arising from the contracts entered into with the company’s customers


In the event of transfer of future receivables, IFIS Finance gives the transferor an advance on the contract of between 10% and 30% of the rateable value of the contract/order. The Advance on Future Receivables is therefore granted as a result of the most common form of ordinary factoring (non-recourse or recourse). The recovery of the advanced amount on the basis of future receivables takes place by withholding the share that is part of the advances required from time to time on ordinary factoring operations.


The Advance on Future Receivables is intended for all businesses that work with structured businesses or with the Public Administration.


  • Taking advantage of future supply contracts;
  • Obtain liquidity even without the transferor issuing the invoice.


The cost of the Advance on Future Receivables service is determined on the basis of the rate on the advanced contract requested by the client.


  • Tender notices, orders and supply contracts;
  • Client portfolio with list of proposed names for sale and relevant amounts
  • Provisional report for the year and last two annual financial statements;
  • Articles of incorporation and association;
  • Documentation showing full tax compliance;
  • List of bank credit lines.

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